Q1_COVER_SMALLQuarter I, 2015 edition of Operants went out to subscribers on March 25. This edition is dedicated to the international expansion of Skinner’s science. Among featured articles you will find a report on European Association of Behavioral Analysis (EABA) Conference in Stockholm and interviews with scientists and practitioners from Northern Ireland, Norway, Turkey, and the USA. You will learn about the new professional association in Australia and will have a sneak peek into the new series of articles Brief Biographies of a Selection of Skinner’s Coauthors. Last but not least, this issue features a discussion (in English and Portuguese) on Political Discourses of Behavior Analysis between Dr. Carlos Eduardo Lopes from Brazil and his American counterpart, Dr. Jerome D. Ulman.

Subscription is free. If you do not want to subscribe, you can look at the previous issues here: https://www.bfskinner.org/behavioral-science/operants/. Quarter I edition will be available in the archives in June, 2015