ENJOY OLD AGE NORWEGIANEnjoy Old Age by B. F. Skinner and M. E. Vaughn just got published in Norway by Forgalet Krippendorf (www.krippendorf.no). Photo on the cover – Borgny Alvilde Johansen, 90 years young.

The book by B. F. Skinner and Margaret Vaughan is based on the lecture Intellectual Self-Management In Old Age, delivered by Skinner at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in August 1982. Skinner was 78 at that time. “People are now planning better for physical old age,” the authors write, “but a different kind of planning is necessary for the enjoyment of it. That is where we hope this book will help.” One of the twentieth century’s most notable psychologists, B. F. Skinner gives solid and uplifting advice on dealing with the problems of age. With Margaret Vaughan, an expert on aging and formerly a research associate at Harvard, he shows you how to:

* make changes in your surroundings to compensate for the drawbacks of age;

* combat forgetfulness and keep thinking clearly and creatively;

* get along better with younger people and children;

* deal with the new emotional responses age brings and much more.

The hard cover vintage First Edition of the book is available in limited quantities through the B. F. Skinner Foundation website.