For as little as $1.99 you can download Walden Two read by B. F. Skinner. It is available both in MP3 and iTunes audio book formats (combining all chapters into one file was impractical due to size, so you will have to download each chapter as a separate file).

This audio book is a Name-Your-Price product. That means that while we set the minimum amount, the amount you actually pay is up to you. Every dollar you add on top of the minimum price is a charitable donation that will be used to keep B. F. Skinner’s books in print, convert more works into e-book formats, provide free access to more and more articles, photographs, audio- and video files and other archival material through our website.

Skinner originally recorded his 1948 novel on cassette tapes as a birthday gift for his daughter, Julie. The utopian novel describes a fictional community that uses an experimental approach and behavioral principles to improve its members’ lives. The B. F. Skinner Foundation has re-mastered the original tapes into digital files for the original 36 chapters, and added two bonus tracks: a 46-minute epilogue (Skinner reading his essay “News From Nowhere”, 1984), and a lecture “On Having a Poem”.