Book Publications: The B. F. Skinner Foundation began as a publisher of behavioral books, mostly those written by Skinner. Recently we have begun to convert Skinner Books into eBook format that can be read on cell phones, tablets, Nooks, Kindles, and, of course, on computer screens. The Foundation is also exploring support for reprinting Skinner’s three volume autobiography with additional photos, notes, and (in an electronic version) video or audio clips. In 2013, the Foundation submitted a grant to the National Endowment for the Humanities to support that work.

Operants: Each quarter, the Foundation sends its newsletter, Operants, to subscribers. This publication provides information on current work, interviews of professionals in the United States and elsewhere, analyses of important articles and topics, and a brief description of Foundation activities. It is written in an informal journalistic style to be as interesting, as possible. There is no cost to receive Operants. If you would like to receive it, Click Here.

Website: The Foundation website is the primary resource for information about Skinner and his work. It also serves as a location to connect individuals from around the world. can interact with Foundation personnel or other behavioral scientists. Recently the Foundation has designed a new site that will will work on all devices. As soon as possible, we will be adding videos and new photographs, and many new features. As usual, suggestions are welcomed.

Archival work: As the population ages, many archival materials run the risk of being inadvertently discarded. Those in personal possessions may degrade from lack of proper storage. The Foundation is a recipient of many historical materials. We have a good relationship with the Harvard University Film Archives. Harvard stores the originals of films, videotapes, and other “moving footage” formats in the proper temperature and humidity. Professionals and students can access the footage, and the Foundation can “borrow” the originals to make professional quality Digi-beta copies when requested by television producers. An mp4 copy of each item is available at the Foundation office. A comprehensive data-base is under construction to help locate specific topics discussed and shown.