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Beyond Freedom and Dignity
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Science and Human Behavior
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Principles of Psychology
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BFSF has a PDF of Science and Human Behavior by Skinner as a free download in English. What other languages shall we translate it into and distribute for free?

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New edition of Operants

Quarter I, 2015 edition of Operants went out to subscribers on March 25. This edition is dedicated to the international expansion of Skinner’s science. Among featured articles you will find a report on European Association of Behavioral Analysis (EABA) Conference in Stockholm and interviews with scientists and practitioners from Northern Ireland, Norway, Turkey, and […]

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Foundation’s online bookstore now has Name-Your-Price products

Some of the books in our bookstore (most of the PDF versions of e-books) are now Name-Your-Price products. That means that while we set the minimum amount (from $0 to $0.99 in most cases), the amount you actually pay is up to you. Every dollar you add on top of the minimum price is […]

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Free PDF of Science and Human Behavior in languages other than English

The B. F. Skinner Foundation wants to translate into as many languages as possible and distribute for free a PDF version of Science and Human Behavior by Skinner. What languages shall we start with (English version is already a free download through our bookstore). Please let us know by going to the bookstore and […]

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Cumulative Record (Definitive Edition) available in e-book formats

With the support of BACB, the B. F. Skinner Foundation has completed the conversion of Skinner’s Cumulative Record (Definitive Edition) into the e-book formats. It is available for purchase through the Foundation’s online bookstore, as well as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Kobo.



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Q4, 2014 Edition of Operants

The latest edition of our quarterly report, Operants, went out to subscribers on December 18, 2014. In this special issue we celebrate B. F. Skinner’s 110th birthday anniversary by sharing unique archival materials, as well as memories provided by Skinner’s family, friends, colleagues and students. If you want to better understand Skinner the man […]

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Vintage Notebooks Are Back in Stock (While They Last)

For those of you who were shopping for the vintage Notebooks by B. F. Skinner on our website in the last couple of months and received an “Out of Stock” message: through a donation we have secured a very limited number of these books:

We expect them to sell out very quickly, so we […]

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2014 Winners of BABAT Student Awards

The B. F. Skinner Foundation sponsors Student Research Award and Student Poster Award through the Berkshire Association for Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BABAT). Congratulations to 2014 award winners: Kara Wunderlich, University of Florida, and Meagan Barber, Simmons College and New England Center for Children!

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B. F. Skinner Foundation Launches Annual Fundraising Campaign

This week we are launching our once-a-year fundraising campaign. The Foundation needs money to keep Skinner’s works in print, convert books into electronic formats, publish the Operants report, maintain and expand our Behavioral archives and make resources available to the public through our website We want to make it interesting this year. Everyone […]

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Quarter III, 2014 edition of Operants is here!

New issue of Operants is here!

As the cover story, this Quarter III issue features the interview with Otto Fad, Elephant Manager at Busch Gardens Tampa, who talks about his team and their use of advanced operant techniques and positive reinforcement in elephant training.

As always, there are profiles of behavioral scientists and practitioners from around […]

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2014 Winners of the B. F. Skinner Foundation Student Research Awards

The B. F. Skinner Foundation sponsors student research awards through California Association for Behavior Analysis (CalABA) and Florida Association of Behavior Analysis (FABA). In 2014 award winners are, respectively:

 Candice Hansard from California State University, Northridge; for Video Modeling to Train Undergraduates to Conduct a Paired-Stimulus Preference Assessment; and




Catalina Rey from Florida Institute of Technology, […]

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Sculpture of Skinner unveiled

On August 8, 2014 the second annual Ethics in Professional Practice conference took place at the Endicott College Campus in Beverly, Massachusetts. A one day conference featured leaders in the fields of Psychology, Business, Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis. During the conference the sculpture of B. F. Skinner was unveiled by the sculptor, internationally […]

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Contingencies of Reinforcement e-book

Contingencies of Reinforcement in e-book format is now available not only in the B. F. Skinner Foundation Bookstore, but also through all major online retailers. Here are the clickable links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iTunes, and Kobo. As always, if you are planning to buy (or purchased already) a print edition of […]

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Where to buy the e-book edition of K&S (Principles of Psychology by Keller and Schoenfeld)

The Foundation continues to produce electronic versions of the books we publish. The latest addition to our e-book library is Principles of Psychology by Keller and Shoenfeld, or K&S as it is known to many. The title is now available in our Bookstore;  and also through all major online retailers (click on the link […]

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Skinner’s Notes: “The Stream of Consciousness”

Picture this: it is the fall of 1958, Skinner is relaxing on Sunday morning and decides to write down things that “come to mind”. And then he sorts them: “unavoidable routine”, “no pressure”, “termination in sight”, “long term”.

Skinner wrote all his notes in long hand, and then he had most of them typed by […]

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Where to find the e-book edition of Verbal Behavior?

A quick response to your queries: Verbal Behavior in e-book format is now available not only in our Bookstore, but also through all major online retailers. Here are the clickable links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, iTunes, and Kobo. If you are planning to buy (or purchased already) a print edition of Verbal […]

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Quarter II, 2014 edition of Operants is here!

The Quarter II Operants edition features news about Walden Two (and some reflections about the book), continued discussion on how to make Skinner prominently featured in introductory psychology textbooks, and profiles of more behavioral practitioners from around the world. As always there is discussion about Skinner’s direct and hidden impact on modern society; and […]

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Verbal Behavior is now available in e-book formats!

With the generous support by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) the B. F. Skinner Foundation has converted the definitive edition of Verbal Behavior into e-book formats. Please visit our Bookstore to get your copy in either epub (works on Apple products, Nooks from Barnes and Nobles, Android-powered tablets and phones, KOBO readers, etc.) […]

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Support us without spending an extra penny!

Do you shop on Have you heard about AmazonSmile? It is the same Amazon you know, with same products, same prices, same service, AND Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. So every time you buy something you want and need, you will […]

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Buy Schedules of Reinforcement at 50% off for a limited time!

In 2014 the B. F. Skinner Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary and 110th birthday of B. F. Skinner. Throughout the year we will have different promotions and giveaways on our website, and we are starting today by introducing a limited-time 50% (!) discount on Schedules of Reinforcement by B. F. Skinner! The book […]

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New edition of Operants is available!

The new edition of Operants (Quarter 1, 2014) is available! Operants is now more than a newsletter, we call it a B. F. Skinner Foundation report. Please visit to view this and prior editions and to subscribe for future ones.

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