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New edition of Operants is available!

The new edition of Operants (Quarter 1, 2014) is available! Operants is now more than a newsletter, we call it a B. F. Skinner Foundation report. Please visit to view this and prior editions and to subscribe for future ones.

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B. F. Skinner was born March 20, 1904. Happy 110th!!!

B. F. Skinner loved birthdays. A sense of his feelings about them shows in his book Walden Two.  The scene involves a birthday of a seven-year old girl.  The narrator Burris, catches the communities’ founder Frazier, in a rare moment of sentimentality:

“The candles were blown out and the business of cutting the cake began.
As […]

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Welcome to our new website!

As you may have noticed, we’ve restructured our website! We hope this will make the information you need easier to find.

There may be a few technical hiccups with the new site; if you experience problems or broken links, first try clearing your cache and refreshing, and if that doesn’t work, contact us at […]

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