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Has Gertrude Stein a Secret – Read

  • Originally published by Atlantic Monthly, January 1934

The Generic Nature of the Concepts of Stimulus and Response  – Read

  • Originally published by Journal of General Psychology in 1935

Baby in a Box – Read

  • Originally published by Ladies Home Journal, October 1945

Non-punitive Society- Read

  • Commemorative lecture given by B.F. Skinner after receiving an honorary doctorate at Keio University, Japan. September 25, 1979.
  • Reprinted in the Japanese Journal of Behavior Analysis in 1990.
  • Special thanks to T. Piskura for assisting in transcribing this article into the digital format.

New Methods and New Aims in Teaching –Read

Special Article: Russia, 1961- Read

  • Prof. Ramón Bayés visited BF Skinner and received from him an exemplar of Russia 1961 as a present.
  • When the Spanish Journal of Psychology organized the BF. SKINNER centennial celebration in 2004, Ramón Bayés donated his exemplar to the SJP archives.
  • We understood the historical relevance of the document and asked the BF SKINNER foundation its permission for publication.
  • Adriana Dergam (our expert in Soviet psychology) and Javier Bandres wrote the biographical notes.
  • In 2006 the issue of the SJP including RUSSIA 1961 was presented in Universidad Complutense with a talk by Julie Vargas.

Teaching Machines- Read

  • Science 128:969-977 (1958)