This copyright-free “School Chart” is a simplified version of the Standard Celeration Chart (SCC) used by Precision Teachers. The School Chart was designed by Skip Berquam. Like the original SCC, the School Chart has uneven vertical lines. They show degree of progress over time as a ratio. That is, doubling rate of corrects from 2 to 4 covers the same vertical distance as 20 to 40. In both cases, performance has doubled.

Students graph their own performance. Julie S. Vargas used the School Chart with students from first grade to graduate school. The chart is easy to use for one-minute timings. The values of correct and incorrect answers are plotted directly as dots and x’s. (35 divided by one minute = 35) Data are also recorded in the little boxes to the right, making it easy to check accuracy of graphing.

In doing worksheets (such as mark the line with the complete sentence, or which is the best example of a behavioral objective) you need more problems than anyone can finish. No one is expected to do them all. Also, you need to make sure that every student is working rapidly. One education major gave a blank US map to his public school class asking them to “write each name of the state and its capital.” He got groans and complaints. When he changed the format to “under each state name mark the name of its capital” (with four options) his students answered rapidly. They enjoyed seeing their progress. No, really! In one class students asked a substitute teacher to please “do the timings.”

Download the School Chart here.