OPERANTS_Q4_COVERQuarter IV edition of Operants magazine went out to subscribers on December 30, 2015. This edition is a special one: We remember B. F. Skinner 25 years after his death by reflecting on the state of behavioral science in Brazil, Europe, Israel, and North America. We also look at the young generation of behaviorologists worldwide and hear from them and their mentors. Finally, we decided that it is important to look at Skinner’s heritage beyond the science he has started and the thriving applied field. See how his vision of the better society is alive in 2015.

In 2015, Operants doubled its circulation. Starting in 2016, we move from a quarterly publication to six issues per year. The B. F. Skinner Foundation continues other programs as well. In 2015, we converted to electronic formats Skinner’s Schedules of Reinforcement (released) and The Behavior of Organisms (to be released shortly). Future publishing plans include more e-books and Skinner’s three-volume autobiography in a multimedia format, as well as the new electronic edition of Skinner’s published and unpublished notes. Holland and Skinner’s The Analysis of Behavior is in the works to become an online program. Our archival work is expanding, and part of this effort is bringing the correspondence between B. F. Skinner and Fred Keller to our website. All this and much more is possible because of the generous support by individuals, corporations and charitable organizations worldwide. We want to thank donors and volunteers for their contributions, and wish all Operants subscribers a happy and prosperous New Year!