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The B. F. Skinner Foundation is the Primary Resource for Information About B. F. Skinner and His Heritage


Thanks to all the people who have supported us through contributions and volunteer work, the B. F. Skinner Foundation is entering its 30th year of operations. Sustained support from people like you enables us to continue pursuing the ultimate goal – preserving B. F. Skinner’s heritage in challenging times. The Foundation is independent. This is important because it enables you to hear Skinner’s voice, understand his ideas, and appreciate his influence in the purest form, without any distortions. Your support means we can continue bringing Skinner’s science and its applications to the world.

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Established in 1988, the B. F. Skinner Foundation promotes the science founded by B. F. Skinner and supports the practices derived from that science. The Foundation advances the understanding that a more humane world is achieved by replacing coercive techniques with positive procedures. We connect scholars, students, and the general public through our magazine, Operants. The Foundation's online and physical archives have a wealth of material from Skinner’s literary estate, from donations by his colleagues and students, and by family members. The Foundation promotes the new research and continues to maintain contact with professionals and students worldwide who are former students, or colleagues of B. F. Skinner or individuals interested in his work. The Foundation is also the prime contact for permissions for reproducing Skinner material or for translations of Skinner’s works.