Volunteer Opportunities

Many of our activities would be impossible without the volunteers who donate their time, often a great deal of time. Many projects have been suggested and carried out by volunteers. Here are some of the ways in which past volunteers have contributed. Activities that are still ongoing are in blue. If you have other ways to contribute, please contact the Foundation.

  • Converting publications by B F. Skinner into downloadable pdf form, including the entire book Science and Human Behavior, which is now available free on this website.
  • Taking rough audio cassette recordings of B. F. Skinner reading his book Walden Two, eliminating duplicated words, cleaning up the sound track, and converting all the files to MP3 format. DVDs of the final product are available for sale on this website.
  • Supervising committees involved in most of the work in this list.
  • Locating and saving archival materials that would have been thrown out through ignorance of their contribution to the historical record.
  • Finding moving footage, pictures, letters, and other documents about Skinner or the beginning years of research and applications based upon operant conditioning.
  • Interviewing professionals in the behavioral field for articles in the Operants magazine.
  • Networking with the Foundation about operant work in countries other than the United States.
  • Checking on the accuracy of foreign translations of Skinner books.
  • Helping with a variety of program activities in the Harvard Square office.


Archival Committee

The Foundation has an archival committee to collect archival materials that might otherwise be lost or discarded. Ongoing provenance work categorizes and annotates the collection.

Todd McKercharArchival Committee Chair – Todd L. McKerchar, Ph. D., BCBA-D

Dr. McKerchar became the chair of the Archival Committee in 2014.


Archival Committee Mission and accomplishments.

The Archival Committee of the B. F. Skinner Foundation is dedicated to procuring text, notes, letters, film, tapes, brochures, photographs and other memorabilia related to the life and work of B. F. Skinner. Where resources permit, archived material is digitized and made available to the public on this website. To preserve films at the proper temperature and humidity, the Foundation has donated many of the original 35 mm reels to the Harvard University Film Archives.

Recent donations include the archival items listed below. Donor names are in parentheses. As time and resources permit, these items will be annotated, entered into archival databases, and made available to scholars.

1. Verbal summator: Original record and digital copy of the vague vowels that Skinner used like a verbal Rorschach test. The voice in the recording sounds like Skinner’s. (Gail Peterson)

2. Reel to reel audio tapes: Discussions between B. F. Skinner, Dr. Robert Erdman, and Dr. Frank Hovell (Frank and Mel Hovell)

3. Photocopy: FBI files on B. F. Skinner (Joe Wyatt)

4. 16mm movie reels pertaining to the history of behavior analysis (Eric Chubb):

    • Communique with B. F. Skinner
    • The Skinner Revolution A conversation with B. F. Skinner
    • Token Economy: Behaviorism Applied, The B. F. Skinner Series 1972
    • Cognition Creativity and Behavior, Research Press, 1972.
    • B. F. Skinner and Behavior Change, Research Press

5. Electronic copy: Brochure for B. F. Skinner’s visit to the Ohio State University (Bill Heward).

6. Packet of letters: Correspondence between B. F. Skinner and Sister Annette Walters (a friend from Susquehanna with whom Skinner kept in touch). (Terry Knapp)