The Analysis of Behavior: A Program for Self-Instruction by James G. Holland and B. F. Skinner introduced behavior analysis to thousands of students.  The program produced a superior level of mastery than that obtained from textbooks. The program shaped basic behavioral concepts with small steps that built to teach increasingly complex skills. The 1961 version of the Holland and Skinner program went through several iterations: from mechanical teaching machines with printed disks, to a self-study book, and to a PC-only program that the B. F. Skinner Foundation distributed for several years through its website.  For years, the Foundation has received requests for a version that would work on any type of computer and that would provide student evaluations to instructors.

Today we are announcing our plans to provide a state-of-the-art interactive version of Holland and Skinner’s The Analysis of Behavior.  The program will work on all Internet-connected devices and run on all operating systems.  The program will provide feedback not only to students, but to instructors when students register for courses. The original static figures will be replaced with improved graphics, video, or animations. The new online platform will also provide detailed data on student performance to enable the Foundation to add helpful features in the future.

The Foundation has been fortunate in locating two developers who will work on the code for the project.  Both of them have many years of experience in computer-based instruction for civilian and military use. They also clearly understand the science underlying programmed instruction as well as the potential of good internet instruction in promoting behavior analysis world-wide.

The features required for the high level of interactivity and extensive data collection come with a price. We need your help to get the project off the ground. The potential for a truly exemplary internet “teaching machine” is so exciting that the Foundation is mounting a special appeal.  Our goal is to raise a minimum of $52,000 this spring for the first stage of the project.  All donations large and small are appreciated and any contribution will bring us closer to this goal. Starting May 1, we will post a running total displayed on our website, updated daily.

Please contribute as much as you can.  You may donate  here:

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B. F. Skinner Foundation
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Please make sure to write Holland and Skinner on your check or in the Notes field of PayPal so we apply your funds towards this project.

Thank you for your interest in B. F. Skinner and to what he contributed to behavioral science and its many applications. With your help we will be able to announce an on-line Holland and Skinner’s Analysis of Behavior soon.