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Operants Index
Year Issue Contributor Article Title Column About
2007 Q1 Wood, Scott Celebrating the achievements of a B. F.  Skinner Foundation founding member
2007 Q1 Cho, Grace B. F. Skinner Foundation Liaison for South Korea: ABA Program Update from South Korea
2007 Q2 Letso, Suzanne Connecticut Center for Child Development
2007 Q3 Wilhite, Criss The B.F. Skinner Foundation’s New Archival Committee Chair
2007 Q3 Thompson, Jennifer A school teacher and a behavior specialist
2007 Q4 Vicci Tucci & Tucci Learning Solutions, Inc. Engineering Applications
2007 Q4 Murphy, Carol Social Contributions
2008 Q1 Ruszczyk, Jennifer and Murdock,Kevin Big Cat Rescue
2008 Q1 Murphy, Al Sea Turtle Conservation: A Worthwhile Hobby
2008 Q2 Pryor, Karen On TAGteach and Clicker Training
2008 Q3 Glass, John Behaviorologist and Sociologist Dr. Glass Profile Glass, John
2009 Q1 Sundberg, Mark L. Dr. Mark Sundberg Profile Sundberg, Mark
2009 Q1 Tu, Joyce Harvard Film Archive Special Feature
2009 Q2 Passos, Maria de Lourdes da R.F. Interview with Passos, Maria de Lourdes da R.F. Profile Passos, Maria de Lourdes da R.F.
2009 Q2 Ecobehaviorism Volunteerism Special Feature
2012 Q1 Diaz, Jose Martinez Jerry Shook 1948-2011 Memoriam Shook, Jerry
2012 Q1 Murphy, Allen Board Member Column
2013 Q1 Sugiyama, Naoka Honoring the Life and Legacy of Masaya Sato
2013 Q1 Peterson, Grant Profile Peterson, Grant
2013 Q1 Holth, Per & Tu, Joyce Board Members Column
2013 Q2 Vargas, E. A. Skinner’s Corner
2013 Q2 Bremer,Erin Dog taught to identify infections through operant conditioning Snippets
2013 Q2 Okurume, Edafe Current Directions: The Self Perfected? Current Directions
2013 Q2 Vandbakk, Monica An Interview with Dr. Iver Iversen Profile Iversen, Iver
2013 Q3 Holth, Per A closer look at a particular aspect of Skinner’s Theory of Behavior Heritability and Contingencies Skinner’s Corner
2013 Q3 Rodrigez, Steve An Interview with Jerome Ulman Spotlight Ulman, Jerome
2013 Q3 Habarad, Sheila HABA’s annual conference Events
2013 Q3 Morse, W. H. Peter B. Dews Tribute Tribute Dews, Peter B.
2013 Q4 Sundberg, Mark A summary of “The operational analysis of psychological terms Skinner’s Corner
2013 Q4 Kangas, Brian D. A Fastidious Focus on Activity Historical Corner
2013 Q4 Rodriguez, Steven An Interview with Dr. Luis Valero Profile Valero, Luis
2013 Q4 Luzi, Anna An Interview with Dr. Carol Ricci Profile Ricci, Carol
2013 Q4 Habarad, Sheila B. F. Skinner’s Aircrib Skinner’s Aircrib
2013 Q4 Normand, Matthew Flagship Journal- The Behavior Analyst The Behavior Analyst
2013 Q4 Potter, Bill International Dual Master’s Program in Behavior Analysis International Masters Program
2013 Q4 Kelly, Amanda Update on Behavior Organizations and Events Chapter & Event Updates
2014 Q1 Azrin, Rachel My thoughts on my father, Nathan Harold Azrin Memoriam
2014 Q1 Garland, Brenda New board member Brenda J. Terzich-Garland Profile Terzich, Brenda
2014 Q1 Azerrad, Jacob A Plea for a Science of Human Behavior Reflections
2014 Q1 Taras, Paolo Tacitus and B. F. Skinner Masters of Humanity Reflections
2014 Q1 Vargas, E. A. On Skinner’s Article “Are Theories of Learning Necessary Skinner’s Corner
2014 Q1 Yabuki, Kae Skinner’s Science and Pyschology Noteworthy Articles Culture
2014 Q1 Yabuki, Kae Interview with Robert Jensen and Helene Burges Part 1 Profile Jensen, Robert & Burges, Helene
2014 Q1 Tu, Joyce Interview with Erik Arntzen Profile Arntzen, Erik
2014 Q1 Pritchard, Josh Skinner’s Behavior Science and the CIA Skinner’s Science
2014 Q2 Saunders, Melissa Ricciardi Joseph and Morrow, Joseph E. Marrow Favorite Quotes by Skinner Reflections
2014 Q2 Habarad, Sheila Interview with Brett DiNovi Profile DiNovi, Brett
2014 Q2 Allan, Robert W. B. F. Skinner on Two Types of Conditioned Reflex: A Review of the Two Articles That Introduced and Developed the Operant-Respondent Distinction Skinner’s Corner
2014 Q2 Yabuki, Kae Interview with Robert Jensen and Helene Burges Part II Profile
2014 Q2 Skinner, B. F. How to start a real Walden Two B. F. Skinner Notes
2014 Q2 Fedorov, Alexander From Russia with Hope Skinner Worldwide
2014 Q2 Rodrigez, Steven Interview with Suzanne Letso Profile Letso, Suzanne
2014 Q2 Kawara, Yoshito Fond Memories and Connecting Skinner with Sartre Reflections
2014 Q2 Leao, Monalisa Interview with Emmanuel Zagury Tourinho Profile Zagury Tourinho, Emmanuel
2014 Q2 Vandbakk, Monica Interview with Celso Goyos, on verbal behavior and higher order thinking Brazil Goyos, Celso
2014 Q2 Pritchard, Josh In time for the World Cup: fish playing soccer Hidden Skinner
2014 Q2 Lopez, Cynthia Cynthia Lopez in her own words Young Skinnerian Lopez, Cynthia
2014 Q3 Taras, Paolo Where Have the Behaviorist Therapists Gone Reflections
2014 Q3 Rodriguez, Steven Interview with Emaley McCulloch Profile McCulloch, Emaley
2014 Q3 Hulbert- Williams, Lee Why Thoughts Aren’t Causes Reflections
2014 Q3 Luzi, Anna Interview with Paolo Moderato Profile Moderato,Paolo
2014 Q3 Kangas, Brian D. Operant Principles in Drug Discovery Skinner’s Corner
2014 Q3 Cihan, Hande & Gulec-Aslan Yesim A Unique Journey New Voices
2014 Q3 Dounavi, Katerina Interview with Robert Mellon Profile Mellom, Robert
2014 Q3 Habarad, Sheila Interview with Otto Fad, Elephant Manager Profile Fad, Otto
2014 Q3 Leao, Monalisa Interview with Maria Helena Hunziker Profile Maria Helena Hunziker
2014 Q4 Daniels, Aubrey C. & Palmer, David C. Favorite Memories with B. F. Skinner Cover Story
2014 Q4 Vargas, Ernest A. B. F. Skinner, An Appreciation on His 110th Brithday Reflections
2014 Q4 Jerome Ulman, & Lindsley, Nancy Brief Encounters on the Subject of Science Cover Story
2014 Q4 Ribes-Lnesta, Emilio An “Unpublished” Interview of Skinner From the archives Skinner, B. F.
2014 Q4 Vargas, Julie S. A Daughter’s Retrospective Profile
2014 Q4 Hall R. Vance & Salzinger, Kurt and Layng, Joe Brief Encounters on Stage with Skinner Cover Story
2014 Q4 Palmer, David C. & Schneider, Susan, Malenfant, J. E. Louis & Hank Pennypacker, Robbins, Joanne & Van Houten, Ron Brief Encounters on Planes, Policemen and Prompting Good Behavior Cover Story
2014 Q4 Skinner, B. F. How to be Productive From the archives
2014 Q4 Palmer, David C. Skinner’s Concept of Latent Behavior Science Corner
2014 Q4 Carbone, Vincent J. & Morris, Edward Brief Encounters on Cute Babies and Words of Gratitude Cover Story
2014 Q4 Catani, A. Charles Brief Encounters on What Skinner Said Cover Story
2015 Q1 Vandbakk, Monica EABA Conference Report Around the world
2015 Q1 Dounavi, Katerina Interview with Mickey Keenan Profile Keenan, Mickey
2015 Q1 Cihan, Hande and Gulec-Aslan, Yesim Interview with Selim Parlak and Parin Yakupyan Profile Selim Parlak & Parin Yakupyan
2015 Q1 Kelly, Amanda Interview with Alayna Haberlin Around the World Haberlin, Alayna
2015 Q1 Habarad, Sheila Interview with Dr. Susan Schneider Profile Schneider, Susan
2015 Q1 Lopes, Carlos Eduardo Commentary on The Political Discourses of Behavior Analysis Reflections
2015 Q1 Ulman, Jerome D. Commentary on The Political Discourses of Behavior Analysis by Carlos Eduardo Lopes Reflections
2015 Q1 Palmer, David C. B. F. Skinner’s Contingencies of Reinforcement Science Corner
2015 Q1 McKerchar, Todd L. &Morris, Edward K. Brief Biographies of a Selection of Skinner’s Coauthors A book ahead
2015 Q2 Habarad, Sheila Redesigning the Future of Education Editor’s Column
2015 Q2 Holland, James G. The Analysis of Behavior in Instruction Science and a Technology Based on Science Science Corner
2015 Q2 McCulloch, Emaley eLearning: Today’s Teaching Machine Reflections
2015 Q2 Vargas, Julie S. Programmed Instruction’s Lessons for xMOOC Designers Science Corner
2015 Q2 Robbins, Joanne Interview with Juliet Newberry Profile Newberry, Juliet
2015 Q2 Dounavi, Katerina Interview with Dr. Mickey Keenan Profile Keenan. Mickey
2015 Q2 Ayvazo, Shiri Culturel Selection-Evolution Applied Behavior Analysis in the Public School System in Israel Reflections
2015 Q2 Gokey, Kaitlynn & Pritchard, Josh Dennis Embry and Good Behavior Game Profile Embry, Dennis
2015 Q2 Gabler, Martha TAGteach for Autism: The What and Why Techniques
2015 Q2 Bondy, Andy PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System Techniques
2015 Q2 Habarad, Sheila Interview with George Sugai Profile Sugai, George
2015 Q2 Colombo, Bruna Interview with Natalia de Mesquita Matheus Profile Natalia de Mesquita Matheus
2015 Q2 Macaskill, Anne Interview on ABA Lives within Universities’ Educational Departments in New Zealend with Larah van der Meer Profile Meer, Larah van der
2015 Q2 McKerchar, Todd L. & Morris, Edward K. T. C. Barnes and B. F. Skinner: A Brief Collaboration History Corner
2015 Q3 Terzich, Brenda J. & Tu, Joyce The Scientific Roots of Behavior Analysis: A Practitioner’s Perspective Reflections
2015 Q3 Ting, Hui Interview with Dr. Hua Feng Profile Feng, Hua
2015 Q3 Dounavi, Katerina Interview with Javier Virues-Ortega Profile Virues-Ortega, Javier
2015 Q3 Helgesen, Karoline Giaever 2015 Norwegian Association of Behavior Analysis Conference Report Events
2015 Q3 Colombo, Bruna XXIV Brazilian Meeting of Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Report Events
2015 Q3 Skinner, B. F. Conditioned Reflexes Excerpt from Science and Human Behavior From the Archives
2015 Q3 Allen, Ron Order and Chaos: A Brief Review of Ivan Pavlov: A Russian Life in Science by Daniel P. Todes Books
2015 Q3 Allan, Robert W. A Discussion of Daniel Todes’ Book Ivan Pavlov: A Russian Life in Science Books
2015 Q3 Crone-Todd, Darlene E. On the Science of Examining the Products of Private Events Science Corner
2015 Q3 Smith Wiech, Amy Interview with Jim Meador Profile Meador, Jim
2015 Q3 Greenberg, Jeremy Interview with Rebecca Dogen Profile Dogen, Rebecca
2015 Q3 Shin, Yunhee Interview with Hyo-Shin President of Korean Association for Behavior Analysis Profile Shin, Hyo
2015 Q3 Yamagishi, Naoki A New Technology Based on Variation and Selection Reflections
2015 Q4 Pear, Joseph J. Behaviorism in North America Since Skinner: A Personal Perspective Reflections
2015 Q4 Leao, Monalisa Radical Behaviorism as a Philosophy of Post-Modern Science Science Corner Laurenti, Carolina
2015 Q4 Dillenburger, Karola The State of ABA in Europe Reflections
2015 Q4 Eldar, Eitan Behaviorism, Humanism, Skinner and the Evolution of ABA in Israel Reflections
2015 Q4 Holth, Per A Remarkable Flight From the Experimental Analysis of Behavior? Reflections
2015 Q4 Binder, Carl Bridging the Generation Gap: We have responsibility to Learn Reflections
2015 Q4 Berthelsen, Vetle Young Faces of Behavior Science 25 and Younger
Walle, Anine
Hockman, Adam
Saraiva, Tavares Fernando
Desypri, Athina
MacLearn, Odessa
Robitaille, Sophie
Sullivan, Valeree
2015 Q4 Sundberg, Daniel B. New Visions of Walden Two Books
2015 Q4 Bostow, Darrel E. Living in a Walden Two Reflections
2015 Q4 Plazas, Elberto Antonio Ruben Ardila Profile Ardila, Ruben
2015 Q4 Caldas, Rodrigo Araujo The Liberated Workplace Bill Abernathy Books
2015 Q4 Hyten, Cloyd Reflection on Bill Abernathy Profile
2015 Q4 Breshears, Joseph

Devonis, David

The Wright Stuff? Architectural Influences in Walden Two History
2016 Q1 Vargas, Ernest A. A Prologue to Skinner’s Science History
2016 Q1 Morris, Edward K.

McKerchar, Todd L.

W. J. Crozier and B. F. Skinner: Founding a Science of Behavior History
2016 Q1 Nascimento da Cruz, Robson B. F. Skinner and Fred S. Keller: Two Lives Interviewed in the History of Science Reflections
2016 Q1 Colombo dos Santos, Bruna To Advance Science, We Need to Study Its History Reflections Candido, Gabriel Vieira
2016 Q1 Greer, R. Douglas Remembering Fred Keller History
2016 Q1 Keller, John I am Building a Pigeon Lab! Report
2016 Q1 Vandbakk, Monica Professor Arne Brekstad- the Father of Behavior Analysis in Norway Profile Brekstad, Arne
2016 Q1 Wyatt, W. Joseph The FBI File on B. F. Skinner History
2016 Q1 Dounavi, Katerina EABA Summer School Events